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2-7 21:05:46 Guest_2143 continuous transmission interruption
2-7 21:01:28 Guest_4134 DeepEllumOnAir.com! 100% Local music and Local shows!
2-7 21:01:25 Yorba Thanks for watching.
2-7 20:59:55 Guest_3778 deep ellum on air? sounds awesome, i love Deep Ellum
2-7 20:59:30 Guest_3778 cool show!
2-7 20:54:24 Guest_5278 truly enjoy the show!!! Thank you
2-7 20:45:18 Guest_5448 we sure miss your old informative programming. This seems to just be an attempt to sell each presenters approach. You'll always have new listeners. With time they will "get-it" without putting all of the old listeners through this constant, repetitive ordeal. Please get past this phase.
2-7 20:03:30 Yorba Thanks
2-7 19:59:52 Yorba Welcome to the show
2-7 19:42:30 PR007 Michael's show is the best.
2-7 19:41:09 PR007 Can't believe it is so easy to make money now a days. Thanks to Yellen.
2-7 18:43:46 Yorba Hi Mike:
2-7 17:47:34 Guest_5448 Help! I can't find SEVEN days of archives. Please post when and where we can find them, preferably on your home page. THANK YOU
2-7 17:04:20 john deen mike ,where are you,when will yoursite be back up,on the archives,good luck.john
2-7 17:03:11 Guest_1418 mike ,where are you,when will yoursite be back up,onthe archives,good luck.john
2-7 12:37:46 Yorba Thanks Visitor X.
2-7 12:36:47 Yorba We will post the archives later today.
2-7 12:36:31 Yorba We are in the testing the new studio now.
2-7 2:43:44 Guest_4599 Sorry, typo, I meant Monday's show June 30.
2-7 2:42:56 Guest_4599 The last archived show was June 20. Monday's show (June 20) isn't archived. Yet to see Tuesday's show posted.
2-7 1:25:43 Guest_2511 Archive archive!
2-7 1:25:20 Guest_2511 Woohoo!
2-7 0:41:26 Guest_1319 there are no new archive to listen the today show?
2-7 0:34:56 VisitorX Great the show is back. Hope the archives will be up as well for those that could not make it for the live show. Welcome back MY.
1-7 23:12:28 Guest_3103 hello
1-7 20:56:03 Yorba Thanks for checking in
1-7 20:55:51 Yorba Hi Lewisvill
1-7 20:50:32 WEB GUY TEST 1 2
1-7 20:44:04 Yorba Thank You we are working through out outside audio issues.
1-7 20:42:24 Guest_8702 cannot hear you
1-7 20:37:40 Yorba Yes thank you.
1-7 20:36:59 Guest_3664 Chris was very difficult to hear. Could you do something about the sound quality, please?
1-7 20:28:57 Guest_7988 Micheal, i don't see in the archive the monday and tuesday show ?
1-7 20:16:10 Yorba What type of computer are you on?
1-7 20:15:46 Yorba McKinney Thanks
1-7 20:15:25 Yorba We will be back on the radio soon
1-7 20:13:12 Guest_8702 cant see the live feed from mckinney
1-7 20:06:54 Guest_9164 are you still on 1190 am ? it I a different show playing now .Thank you
1-7 20:05:03 Guest_3664 Will this be archived, today?
1-7 20:03:53 TheManagement We will be posting archives of today's show shortly after we finish the live broadcast, yes.
1-7 20:03:22 TheManagement The Show is live!
1-7 20:02:23 Guest_3664 Will this be archived, today?
1-7 19:10:46 Yorba Thanks for watching.
1-7 19:10:06 Guest_1823 3:00 CST
1-7 19:07:33 Guest_8976 what time is the Traders Network broadcast now? all I am getting is pre recorded shows on the website. Can't even find anything new in the archives?
1-7 18:32:48 Guest_7629 Hello, where are you now on radio?
29-6 19:49:21 Mark Lytle I guess that might have been a rough question...not meant to embarrass anyone, i just always wondered how the leverage was created and where it came from...
29-6 19:41:43 Mark Lytle The short question is how easily they could go boom, if money markets and such get into trouble..
29-6 19:41:06 Mark Lytle Michael, I am wondering if your guest could address how resilient leveraged ETF's might be in a banking crisis. maybe the answer is obvious,maybe not, but this has always been a concern of mine...
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