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1-7 20:05:03 Guest_3664 Will this be archived, today?
1-7 20:03:53 TheManagement We will be posting archives of today's show shortly after we finish the live broadcast, yes.
1-7 20:03:22 TheManagement The Show is live!
1-7 20:02:23 Guest_3664 Will this be archived, today?
1-7 19:10:46 Yorba Thanks for watching.
1-7 19:10:06 Guest_1823 3:00 CST
1-7 19:07:33 Guest_8976 what time is the Traders Network broadcast now? all I am getting is pre recorded shows on the website. Can't even find anything new in the archives?
1-7 18:32:48 Guest_7629 Hello, where are you now on radio?
29-6 19:49:21 Mark Lytle I guess that might have been a rough question...not meant to embarrass anyone, i just always wondered how the leverage was created and where it came from...
29-6 19:41:43 Mark Lytle The short question is how easily they could go boom, if money markets and such get into trouble..
29-6 19:41:06 Mark Lytle Michael, I am wondering if your guest could address how resilient leveraged ETF's might be in a banking crisis. maybe the answer is obvious,maybe not, but this has always been a concern of mine...
11-6 19:59:22 Michael Thanks for listening
11-6 18:45:45 Michael Welcome to the show.
8-6 20:08:06 Michael Thanks for listening
8-6 20:01:32 Guest_5770 Get Norm's current letter for free and a free lesson on Financial Astrology by calling Norm at 239-594-3939 or Skype: norm.winski
8-6 19:59:46 Guest_5770 Thank you for listening _Norm
8-6 19:58:59 Guest_5491 Great stuff. Thx Norm and Michael.
8-6 19:56:13 Guest_2171 what is going to do up or down?
8-6 19:48:10 Michael thx
8-6 19:47:47 Guest_5491 Looking forward to Norm Winski's astrology forecasts.
8-6 19:31:03 Michael yw
8-6 19:30:55 Guest_4939 thx
8-6 19:29:21 Guest_4939 Is Mr Turner concerned that when large number of investors/institutions aquire his system that it will lose its effectivity?
8-6 17:59:06 Michael Welcome to the show
7-6 6:46:30 Guest_1649 At what price does Nick think TLT tops out at and roughly when? Thanks!
6-6 20:00:19 Michael Thanks for listening
6-6 19:17:18 Guest_3135 Please consider posting the daily line-up somewhere on your site before the fact.
6-6 19:06:23 Michael Welcome to the show
6-6 3:47:23 Guest_2522 Dennis Kissler is great!
5-6 18:18:58 Michael Welcome to the show
4-6 19:59:07 Michael Thanks for listening
4-6 19:50:07 Michael Thanks Craig .. We like the input
4-6 19:49:02 Craig Frisco I thought Mr hill wrote a book on developing mechanical trade systems
4-6 19:46:19 Craig Frisco My Broker Phil Newman said this Mr Hill would be on. There does not seem to be a lot of systems that are consitant for lower money amounts for say $15K with lower draw downs.
4-6 19:35:34 Guest_4598 We will be posting a buy sell list of stocks on our web site to trade. We have backtested this list with a 30% annual return, I use this list to trade now with above backtest returns. THis list incorporates support vector and neural networks + Level 3 Data signal to identify trading opportunities
4-6 19:35:01 Michael Good question Craig thanks
4-6 19:33:03 Guest_4598 You can click on the 3 and 5 minute bars on our home page to see real time Level 3 Data www.level3data.com
4-6 19:32:09 Guest_4598 Hi Craig
4-6 19:28:15 Craig Frisco Is the level 3 for 5 minute bars or 1 day bars? How do I make money with the data? Any mechanical systems or does data create buy and sell triggers that have been back tested?
4-6 18:45:10 Michael Welcome to the show
1-6 20:51:32 Michael ok you got it.
1-6 19:55:56 fr Nevada thanks partner, great show, how 'bout getting the ''Option Queen'' back on.
1-6 19:51:42 Michael Nevada.. Our # say .. If the S&P closes lower next week.. then June 25th is the next target.
1-6 19:47:21 Michael Thanks..Click on the Mr Top step banner at the top of this page.
1-6 19:43:20 Guest_1095 I tried your chat room and it is fantastic. Eddie
1-6 19:38:14 fr Nevada how long will is go?
1-6 19:38:08 Guest_1806 no...the s&P is down 2.4% today
1-6 19:36:47 Guest_1806 -2.4%
1-6 19:34:17 fr Nevada Excellent charts from Mr.Kelly, thanks for having him on 2-segments.
1-6 19:19:24 KarenLee yw
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