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29-5 19:17:39 Michael I will call Arch and let him know you would like him on the show.
29-5 19:16:49 Michael Thanks for the input.
29-5 19:09:05 Guest_2366 good stuff...i opened a demo nadex account yesterday. currently watching the us500 spread...
29-5 19:08:37 doc when u going to have arch crawford back on the show?
29-5 18:48:46 Michael Welcome to the show
29-5 16:44:32 Guest_9630 Click on the 1190-AM banner
29-5 14:12:56 Guest_2539 Where is link to listen live online - i see mobile devices - (barely as links are orange)
25-5 20:48:08 Guest_1802 what happnd to tim bost??
25-5 20:00:10 Michael 239-594-3939
25-5 19:59:44 Michael Thanks for listening contact Norm at 239-59-3939
25-5 19:54:21 Guest_1613 Hi Michael, can you and norm drill down on what is happening next week especially on monday, tuesday. thank you
25-5 19:53:07 Guest_6689 How about comming Lunar Eclipse
25-5 19:52:17 Guest_6024 Does Norm have any thoughts on Crude Oil?
25-5 18:16:52 Michael Welcome to the show
24-5 19:59:50 Michael Thanks for listening and all of your questions
24-5 19:39:33 Guest_3074 Nick...think that given your bond forecast do you expect the s&p tp resume its decline...
24-5 18:50:46 Michael Welcome to the show
24-5 3:54:23 Guest_1614 Kudos to Nick for his March 22nd call made on your show for the QQQ's to go to 61 which was hit last Friday. Keep up the good work Nick!!!!!
23-5 20:17:35 Michael Thanks for Listening
23-5 19:38:45 Michael Thanks
23-5 19:25:45 Guest_2661 Crude $90.13 now
23-5 18:44:07 Michael Welcome to the Show
23-5 13:49:14 Michael Hi Peter
23-5 5:12:31 Guest_5106 It's great to hear James Kelly back on your show!
23-5 4:37:38 Guest_5106 In listening to Tony C, it seems like his emphasis in always waiting for a crash is missing the point. The market would have crashed long ago and been in a real recovery IF it weren't for someone proping this market up. While there should be a crash, it isn't likely those in power will allow that to happen before the election--that is if you believe in the plunge protection team--just a thought!
22-5 19:59:35 Michael Thanks for listening and all your questions..
22-5 19:55:03 Guest_7464 MIchael can you ask him about bond please?Thanks
22-5 19:35:19 Michael We could have a dead cat bounce in the S&P's
22-5 19:34:18 Michael The web radio is working
22-5 18:15:49 Michael Thanks for the question. I will ask him.
22-5 4:19:33 Guest_5163 What are David Hunt's thoughts on gold right now?
21-5 20:40:37 Michael Hi Dave
21-5 20:01:06 Michael Thanks for listening
21-5 19:47:02 Michael Yes
21-5 19:46:36 KarenLee Hi Michael - Can you ask Mr. Kelly if he sees this current equity rally approaching SP 1400 ? Thank you.
21-5 18:36:04 Michael Welcome to the show
21-5 18:35:52 Michael You are welcome
21-5 14:14:11 fr Nevada It's great to see Mr. Kelly is back on Yorba Radio. He called the exact top in the Market (1422) within a day or two of his target date. His technical analysis is the best, bar none, for trend investors (1-3 month horizon). Thanks for having him back Michael!
20-5 18:25:18 Guest_8749 Is Mr. Kelly sticking to his forecast made on this show March 8th for the US dollar index to hit 85 by June 7th?
18-5 6:43:58 Guest_4552 Interesting, Jim Piot believes QE3 will be announced in June and Nick does not. Stay tuned to see who is correct as we should know next FED meeting in June.
17-5 20:00:19 Michael Thanks for listening
17-5 19:46:22 Michael Your welcome
17-5 19:45:15 fr Nevada Thank you Nick & Michael
17-5 19:33:40 fr Nevada Does Nick have a target date for this cycle bottom ?
17-5 19:02:26 Michael OK I will ask him
17-5 18:53:50 Guest_3108 Does Nick think there is much of a chance of the FED announcing QE3 at the next meeting in June? Why or why not? Thanks!!
17-5 18:30:44 Michael Welcome to the show
17-5 18:30:35 Michael Thanks.. Jim will be on the show Monday the 21st
17-5 16:51:58 Guest_1389 Would love to hear an update from James Kelly if you can get him back on the show. Am curious about his take on all these important dates coming up in the months ahead. Thanks.
17-5 16:50:49 Guest_1389 Michael, great job in getting top people for us.
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